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“Lazy Admin” aims to make IT management and daily IT tasks more efficient with less effort. In this category, I share content ranging from automation tools to time-saving commands, and from scriptless system management to various other topics. It covers configuration management, automating daily routines, simplifying debugging processes, and much more, with practical tips and tool suggestions for both beginners and experienced managers. The “Lazy Admin” category is designed to lighten the workload of IT professionals by offering strategies and solutions that help them work smarter, faster, and more effectively.

  • neuralink brain chip

    Neuralink Brain Chip Can Cure Blindness!

    The owner of Tesla and SpaceX, Elon Musk, announced the development of an innovative brain implant called Blindsight. This implant aims to restore visual abilities to the visually impaired. Elon Musk stated that his company, Neuralink, has demonstrated the ability…

  • windows 11 speech recognition

    Windows 11 to swap speech recognition for Voice Access app

    Windows is transitioning from its traditional speech recognition to the Voice Access app due to the latter’s integration of advanced AI technology. This move brings about significant improvements in accuracy, control, and accessibility. Voice Access enables the creation and utilization…

  • disable money insights in windows 11

    How to Disable Money Insights in Windows 11

    If you find the Windows 11 money insight feature and its accompanying notifications to be intrusive, disabling them through the Settings app is a straightforward process. While the money insights feature can be beneficial, its value varies from person to…

  • scorecard nedir

    ScoreCard: A Tool for Performance Management

    A ScoreCard is an instrumental tool utilized in performance management processes, aiding organizations in measuring, monitoring, and managing their performance to achieve strategic objectives. It typically focuses on specific targets, projects, or business processes, built around key performance indicators (KPIs)…

  • automatically empty recycle bin

    Automating the Process of Clearing the Recycle Bin

    Encountering unneeded files in Windows 11, you might promptly delete them. However, permanently removing these files requires more than just a simple deletion. Even after being deleted, these files linger in the recycle bin, still recoverable. This tutorial will demonstrate…

  • the quality of the connection to the remote computer is excellent and udp is enabled

    Troubleshooting Frozen (Disconnected) Remote Desktop (RDP) Sessions in Windows

    In Windows 10/11 and Windows Server versions 2022, 2019, and 2016, a Remote Desktop Services (RDS) connection utilizes both the UDP port 3389 alongside the standard RDP port TCP/3389. Upon establishing a connection to the server via an RDP client,…